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The Voice of Peace Organization (VPO)

is the ultimate foundation for prosperity

We actively promote peace, human rights, universal healthcare, charity, and education globally.

Our focus includes addressing immigration challenges, empowering communities through capacity building,

supporting sustainable livelihoods, and making a positive impact worldwide

About Us

Welcome to (VPO)

The Voice of Peace Organization is an Afghan inclusive independent, non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical Organization, which is essentially bereft of impartial with regard to all types of political, intellectual, tribal, linguistic, provincialism and all other discriminations.

The Organization has been registered with the Ministry of Justice Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the solar year 1396, which corresponds to the year 2017 under Registration # 3030. It embarked upon its activities after obtaining license from the afore-mentioned Ministry.


What We Do?


Cultivating a culture of peace through nonviolent conflict resolution…

Human Rights

Upholding human rights with a focus on mental health…


Implementing intelligent solutions for global education…


Providing access to clean water and reliable food sources…

Disaster Response

Swiftly aiding areas affected by natural disasters…


Integrating mental health support into holistic health programs…

Capacity Building

Empowering vulnerable groups: women, girls, and those with disabilities…


Furnishing refugees with essentials during displacement…

Vocational Training

Offering classes for individuals denied formal education…

With Respect To Each Donor!

Your invaluable contributions fuel our mission

And bring positive change to countless lives

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